[CentOS] yum repository and createrepo

Wed Oct 18 16:27:14 UTC 2006
Bowie Bailey <Bowie_Bailey at BUC.com>

Ken Leyba wrote:
> I've setup a local yum repository for about 25 workstations and I'm
> using rsync from a local mirror.  Do I need to create my own XML
> headers, i.e. the 'repodata' directory, or since I'm syncing the whole
> updates directory can I use the 'repodata' directory from the mirror?
> I also have a question on using createrepo.  The directory layout is:
> ~/updates/
> ~/updates/headers/
> ~/updates/repodata/
> ~/updates/RPMS/
> If I do the following in the 'updates' directory:
> # createrepo -v ./RPMS
> The 'repodata' diretcory is created under the 'RPMS' directory and not
> the current 'updates' directory.  How can I have the 'repodata'
> directory created/updated in the correct directory under 'updates'?
> Right now I'm manually moving the directory.  I would probably need to
> do this in my daily cron job.

Check out Yam.  You can get it via yum from the rpmforge repository.
It can automatically update the repos, create the headers, and it even
comes with an Apache config file that you can use to serve the repos
to your other machines.