[CentOS] RHWAS rebuild efforts

Tue Oct 24 18:18:01 UTC 2006
Greg Swallow - SkyNet <gregswallow at skynetonline.ca>

Bisbal, Prentice wrote:
> You don't need a Red Hat subscription to get any SRPMs from RHEL. The GPL
> requires that they provide them for free. I believe that applies even th
> RHWAS, since that's still based on GPL'ed Linux code.
> You can get RHEL RPMs here
> ftp://ftp.redhat.com/pub/redhat/linux/enterprise/4/en/os/i386/SRPMS/

No.  RHWAS is not there.  This discussion started on Oct 14.  Search the
list archives for more info.

As I understand it, the GPL requires they provide the source of GPL licenced
rpms to people that possess the rpms, not to the public.