[CentOS] Dual Opteron or Dual Xeon?

Thu Oct 26 18:48:46 UTC 2006
Bill Church <Bill.Church at bsius.com>

Both processors are x86 based so the database shouldn't be an issue, if at all.
SSL certificates are not tied to a machine at all, they are tied to the common name that they are called as. You can export the SSL keys do different formats with OpenSSL if you require it. Just make sure you have both your public and private keys and any pass phrases you need.
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I am about to lease another server to be a backup web/mail server with a
replicated mysql database.  The current live server is a dual Xeon
2.8Ghz.  Would I do better to get another Xeon server or an Opteron
based server?  My concerns are compatibility of the database and the SSL
certificate currently running on the Xeon machine.  Are these concerns


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