[CentOS] Experiences with CentOS & MacBook Pro?

Fri Oct 27 16:33:02 UTC 2006
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Benjamin Smith wrote:
>> Just out of curiousity, why replace OSX with Centos?
>> Mike
> 'Cause it's just better. Among other things, MacOS has the following problems 
> 1) Multiple Desktops, or, at least, the lack thereof. Yeah, Leopord will come 
> with 'spaces', but if it isn't released, it isn't released. 
> 2) Application windows don't alt-tab between them. So, if you have two or 
> three terminal windows open, you have to use the mouse to switch. (AGUHG!) 
> 3) The dock is easy to use, but just irritating to me. It succeeds in being 
> pretty and consuming useful desktop space without providing much useful 
> information at all. It's like a pretty girl with rocks in her head - nice to 
> look at at first, but no fun to live with! 
> 4) No task bar. (Hey, it's easy to jump straight to whatever you want by 
> hitting the button, without having to "hunt" for it based on whether or not 
> you minimized it) 
> OTOH, I have to support Mac OSX with our client-side software - so being able 
> to run Linux, Windows, and OSX on a single machine without alot of pain would 
> be very, very nice. (but I'm starting to get my reservations) 
> -Ben 
Not debating anything here, but just wanted to point out...

1) very true

2) works for me and every mac I have.

3) I take the apps out, shrink the icons and "auto hide" it.

4) expose - pretty cool shortcuts there.