[CentOS] Experiences with CentOS & MacBook Pro?

Fri Oct 27 16:34:24 UTC 2006
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Tarun Reddy wrote:
> On Oct 25, 2006, at 6:32 PM, Benjamin Smith wrote:
>> 2) Application windows don't alt-tab between them. So, if you have 
>> two or
>> three terminal windows open, you have to use the mouse to switch. 
>> (AGUHG!)
> Don't want to start any kind of argument here... I like and use both 
> CentOS and Mac OS X.  Just an FYI, most (and yes there are some 
> exceptions I believe) Mac OS X apps allow you to cycle between windows 
> with Command (Apple)-` , including terminal. Before I found that, very 
> frustrated as well...
> Tarun
Crap! On my last post - I said alt+tab worked... Well I meant apple+tab 
(as it is in the same location on a mac keyboard). Sorry about that!