[CentOS] spam control

Tue Oct 31 03:51:47 UTC 2006
Feizhou <feizhou at graffiti.net>

>>> That is not exactly the same thing, since with "milter", you are adding
>>> one more layer.
>> exim loads in spamassassin?
> spamd_address = 783
> Then you just add the spam rules on the mime ACL.

:D. spamassassin-milter = spamd. The milter is a running process that 
loads in spamc and is multi-threaded. That should make it equal :)

>>> Yes, but the virtual mail backend of postfix is much less flexible,
>>> and so using vpopmail makes sense.
>> Interesting comment...for the umpteenthed time I must take a look at exim :P
> The main point is that Exim ACLs really rock. You can do everything there,
> ranging from SPF, Greylisting, spamassassin and av, mixing them to your
> delight. I can easily say that I don't want to check for spam or greylist
> authenticated users, unless they come from a give network and are
> sending e-mail to domain X. You can use some very interesting variables
> on the acls for control, something like:
>   warn    set acl_m2 = ${lookup mysql{GREYLIST_TEST}{$value}{0}}
> and then I can test for it:
>           condition = ${if eq{$acl_m2}{0}{1}}

I like the if parts :). With postfix, I would have to chain stuff around 
to get this kind of behaviour.