[CentOS] Re: Kind of OT: internal imap server

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Fri Sep 1 00:14:08 UTC 2006

Scott Silva wrote:
>>> I think postfix has added milter support lately. I use sendmail, but only
>>> because it is what I know, and I don't want to muck about in a working
>>> mailserver. Someday I will learn postfix, right after I get those washboard
>>> abs and die out the grey! ;-)
>>> ('cause only the cool kids know postfix!!!!!)
>> dont waste time, pass postfix, go straight to exim...
> I see flames!!!
> I wish I could find an UNBIASED comparison of the main MTA's.
> I just seem to find ones that slant to the one that just happens to be used by
> the writer.

no flames at all - your statement was that you are familiar with
sendmail and use that everywhere - and you were thinking of moving to
Postfix.... I'd recommend, for someone used to sendmail and someone who
likes the flexibility and power of sendmail - to not waste time with
Postfix at all, and go straight to exim.

Exim is very powerfull, and has excellent docs as well. For a lot of
people, moving from postfix, the setup and configure process is more
involved than postfix might be. Think of it as being a midway between
sendmail and postfix, its not as easy to setup as postfix - but once you
get your head around it, its a breeze.

I admit it takes no longer to setup than postfix, and has a lot more
flexibility and customisation options than postfix. Some even argue that
its all of sendmail's good bits, without all the sendmail bad bits.

For the sake of disclosure, I use postfix and exim - postfix where
things need to stay simple and small setup's - Exim when things get funky!

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