[CentOS] Postfix won't relay after update to CentOS 4.4

Chris Hammond chris at tac.esi.net
Fri Sep 1 00:53:55 UTC 2006

Do you get any errors when starting postfix?  I received errors about the directories not being writable by postfix.  Cat your postfix log and grep for warnings and see if anything stands out.

>>> Kanwar Ranbir Sandhu <m3freak at rogers.com> 08/31/06 8:46 PM >>> 
On Thu, 2006- 31- 08 at 16:29 - 0400, Chris Hammond wrote:
> I use postfix in a multiple MailScanner systems.  One thing I found is
> that the postfix update reset the rights on the /var/spool/postfix
> directory and subdirectories from postfix.root and postfix.postdrop to
> root.root.  I would receive mail all day long but they just sat in the
> queue and didn't go anywhere.  Not sure if this is your problem but
> would be worth a look.

That's plausible.  And in fact, I do see a number of dirs with
owner:group set to root:root under /var/spool/postfix.

But, I have no idea what the permissions should be.  How did you figure
it out?

BTW, I'm running postfix in a chroot, though I'm not sure why that would
break it now when it didn't in the past (there are no errors when
postfix is started).


Kanwar Ranbir Sandhu
Linux 2.6.17- 1.2142_FC4 i686 GNU/Linux 
20:45:42 up 2 days, 14:15, 3 users, load average: 0.63, 0.36, 0.23 

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