[CentOS] Cron Problem

John Summerfield debian at herakles.homelinux.org
Sun Sep 3 00:13:05 UTC 2006

Matthew T. O'Connor wrote:
> Cron is sending me an email once per minute, the emails look like this:
> Subject:
> Cron <root at host>  chown root:root /dev/shm/local/local5 && chmod 4755 
> /dev/shm/local/local5 && rm -rf /etc/cron.d/core && kill -USR1 7140
> Body:
> chown: cannot access `/dev/shm/local/local5': No such file or directory
> I've un-installed and reinstalled the vixie-cron packages, I have 
> verified that they are not corrupted by using rpm --verify vixie-cron, I 
> have checked all the crontabs on the system there aren't any running 
> every minute.
> I don't understand why this is happening, anyone have any insight?

As root,
  crontab -l



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