[CentOS] Command ls blocked on usbdrive

iagosineiro at yahoo.es iagosineiro at yahoo.es
Fri Sep 8 13:19:25 UTC 2006



In the /etc/fstab I have the next line for an usbdrive (IOMEGA USB 2.0 80


/dev/sda1               /media/IOMEGA_HDD       vfat
pamconsole,exec,noauto,managed 0 0


I mounted the usbdrive with mount /media/IOMEGA_HDD. If I executed an ls
command for one of the directories on the usbdrive (ls /media/IOMEGA_HDD)
there is not problem but if I executed an ls of the usbdrive ls -lha
/media/IOMEGA_HDD/ it takes aproximately more than five minutes to execute
the command. 



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