[CentOS] Re: backup server..

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Thu Sep 14 16:11:25 UTC 2006

Brett Serkez spake the following on 9/14/2006 5:04 AM:
> <snip>
>> > I would highly advise simply paying the money for a RAID
>> > Controller card to handle all of this for you. You mentioned
>> > that you do not have physical access to the server, so the
>> > Raid card can easily handle hdd failures and send you an email
>> > letting you know that you need to replace the other drive.
>> That's actually a very good point. The only thing is that the machine
>> doesn't generate any revenue and so it'll heavlily depend on the price
>> of the RAID controler really...
> Run software RAID without a hardware controller.  I have running Linux
> servers with identical hard drives using the kernel's software RAID
> support on production servers.  Since you already have the two drives,
> it is a no cost approach, simply configure the software RAID in disk
> druid during install and off you go.  If you are concerned about
> monitoring, write a cron job to check the contents of /proc/mdstat
> periodically.
Mdadm can be set to e-mail any failures to the sysadmin.


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