[CentOS] bind errors after yum update to 4.4 CentOs

eric at austinconventioncenter.com eric at austinconventioncenter.com
Thu Sep 14 17:03:52 UTC 2006

I recently upgraded my name server to CentOs 4.4 from CentOs 4.3 and bind
was one of the many packages upgraded.

I get the following message when performing an rndc reload

" rndc reload
rndc: connection to remote host closed
This may indicate that the remote server is using an older version of
the command protocol, this host is not authorized to connect,
or the key is invalid."

which odd as I am doing this on the master dns server for the zones.

I made sure that my key in rndc.key  and rndc.conf match.

Anyone else having similar issues?



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