[CentOS] Anyone using fuse and/or sshfs under Centos 4.4?

Roland Alder roli-caosity at galaxy.ch
Thu Sep 14 21:16:54 UTC 2006

Hi Daveh

> Before I dive headlong into this has anyone successfully built fuse/sshfs
> against Centos 4.4.

I'm using Fuse 2.5.3 with EncFS (not sshfs) on CentOS 4.4. Works fine
and so far without any problems. I'm using fuse/encfs also on CentOS 3
for a long time and even did an (outdated) package for that a long time
ago. I'm still using it directly compiled from Source. Building an RPM
is on my (long) task list.

RedHat and thus CentOS doesn't have fuse in the standard Kernel, as they
are using 2.4.9 with some backports/fixes (but not fuse).

Kind regards


BTW: Are any CentOS developers/users going to EuroOSCON next week to

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