[CentOS] Shrinking a volume group

Steve Bergman steve at rueb.com
Fri Sep 15 16:51:17 UTC 2006

"""I'll stop here. You can never tell which of the thousands of OT
threads here will be actually deemed such (or when they will be so
designated) and cause severe chastisement by the management."""

I suspect that as long as we can avoid "My dad can beat up your dad"
posts, we'll be OK.  Sincerest apologies to those who have to skip over
this addition an OT thread. :-)

If I understand correctly, you feel that kernel developers should add
some rather high level knobs, allowing admins to tell the system what
kind of system it is.

My systems are considered servers.  But they are, these days, really
desktops.  They do accounting.  It's a server function.  But from an
admin standpoint, the resources are devoted to XDMCP Gnome sessions,
doing Evolution, Thunderbird, Firefox, xpdf, acroread... and
Counterpoint Business Accounting and Point of Sale.

Consequently, I feel that I admin desktop systems.

So, does that make a difference?  Obviously, 40 individual Linux boxes
are going to require a different tuning technique than 40 systems
running via XDMCP.

But if we decide that adding these knobs would be a fantastic idea,
there is still the question of who is going to do it.  I'm not anywhere
near up to the task.



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