[CentOS] iptables console login

Feizhou feizhou at graffiti.net
Mon Sep 18 08:41:44 UTC 2006

Abd El-Hameed Ayad wrote:
> Peace,
>    I have messages like (on a centos 3.8 box)
> NET: 21 messages suppressed.
> martian source from, on dev eth0
> on my screen.  In the same time it is being logged to a file.
> Are there any way to stop the logging of these messages on the console 
> and still logged to a file (/var/log/messages)

Add a pound sign to the head of any lines that end in /dev/console in 


#kern.*                                                 /dev/console

If you really want all kernel messages logged to a file, you can change 
the above to point to /var/log/kern (that is, you don't have to comment 
it out with a pound sign) and create appropriate entries in the log 
rotation configuration.

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