[CentOS] Firewire question (Centos 4.4)

chrism at imntv.com chrism at imntv.com
Mon Sep 18 21:14:33 UTC 2006

chrism at imntv.com wrote:
> Johnny Hughes wrote:
>>> 03:06.0 FireWire (IEEE 1394): Agere Systems FW323 (rev 61)
>> Firewire is not turned on in the standard RHEL kernel.  It is on in the
>> CentOSPlus kernel.
> Ah, that explains it.  I've never used the non-default kernel.  Is 
> this just a matter of firing up yum or yumex and installing a specific 
> kernel?  In the centosplus repo I see one for hugemem, xfs, etc.  
> Which one should I choose?

Just a quick follow-up that the problem was operator error.  :)  I've 
now figured out how to use yumex, updated my kernel to the plus version 
and my firewire devices are now working.

Thanks to everyone who responded by email.


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