[CentOS] Pix Firewall Monitoring Software on Linux

That One Guy Nick nickers_16 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 26 12:53:05 UTC 2006

Why not just use SNMP to monitor all that information? Cisco will provide you the MIBs.


ankush grover <ankushcentos at gmail.com> wrote: hey friends,

 I am looking for a free open source software (web based or
application) through which I can monitor the Pix Firewall. What it
should show Interface status or traffic , VPN Connectivity status, CPU
Status, Memory Status etc. I am also running DHCP server on Pix
Firewall (due to some reasons) If it can monitor that also means
showing how many IPAddresses has been assigned, to whom, what is the
lease time etc. then it will be very good.

 I know about cacti but for VPN Connectivity status one has to use
telnet which I don't want to use and I don't know  about monitoring
DHCP server through it. Is there any other tool through which I can
monitor Pix Firewaall ?

I am using Centos4.0

Thanks & Regards

Ankush Grover
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