[CentOS] DNS help: "unexpected rcode (SERVFAIL)"?? [SOLVED]

Ajay Sharma ssharma at revshare.com
Wed Sep 27 23:20:29 UTC 2006

eric at austinconventioncenter.com wrote:
>> Feizhou wrote:
>>> Ajay Sharma wrote:
>>>> Recently I'm getting these errors on my slave when adding new domains:
>>>> Sep 26 13:48:27 hosting named[1668]: zone wholesaletvtime.com/IN:
>>>> refresh: unexpected rcode (SERVFAIL) from master
>>>> The master/slave transfers work for the other 1000+ domains that I
>>>> have,
>>>> just not the handful of new ones that I just added after the CentOS 4.3
>>>> -> 4.4 upgrade.
>>>> I regenerated the rndc.conf file and added the control stuff to the
>>>> /etc/named.conf file so 'rndc status' works on both machines.
>>>> Does anyone have any ideas?
>>> What do the logs on ns1 say regarding ns2's transfer request? Is ns3
>>> also a slave?
>> ns2 and ns3 are both on the same machine.  ns3 is essentially "phased
>> out".
>> going through my logs I'm noticing that the transfers aren't happening
>> for any domain so this is a larger problem...
>> Can someone explain to me why a centos 4.3 to 4.4 upgrade would do this?
> Is is due to the new bind package. have you restarted named since making
> the rndc changes?  also do an rndc reload  "whatever".com on the slaves

I did restart everything.  But I found the problem.  My master has two
IP addresses, the real one and a "virtual" ip address for "NS1...".  I
put both IP addresses in my slave's named.conf file and now all is well.
 The domains are being transferred and updated.


Satyajot (Ajay) Sharma
System Administrator

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