[CentOS] install on via 800mhz box 4.4

Jason Weeks Jason.Weeks at strobe.net.nz
Fri Sep 29 19:36:55 UTC 2006

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Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2006 08:33:12 -0500
From: "Jeff Stacey" <Jeff.Stacey at jri.ca>
Subject: Re: [CentOS] install on via 800mhz box 4.4
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On Thu, 2006-28-09 at 17:48 +0000, Jerry Geis wrote:
> I tried install 4.4 on an old Via 800mhz box. i386 of course.
> The installer dies pretty quick.
> I thought the via was i386 compatible?
> Is there something special to do.
> Jerry
>Install with the i586 kernel. gcc presumes that all i686 class
>processors do cmov. The Via C3 is a i686 class processor, it doesn't
>implement the "optional" cmov instruction.

I've (and the board manufacturer) tried this with RHEL3 on a 800MHz Via C3
but it doesn't work apparently because the minimum EL will support is the
Nehemiah core, which the 800MHz doesn't have, but the 1GHz does (and works
fine on).

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