[CentOS] CentOS needs some love at DistroRankings.com

Fri Sep 1 01:27:06 UTC 2006
Akemi Yagi <ayagi at scripps.edu>

Johnny Hughes wrote:
> / Guys,
/>/ CentOS is not doing very well at this ranking site:
/>/ http://www.distrorankings.com/
/>/ We need some good foo there, so if you like CentOS, go there and rank
/>/ us ...
/>/ {If you don't like CentOS then you are getting sleepy .... sleepy .....
/>/ You will not remember anything you read in this message}
/>/ Thanks,
/>/ Johnny Hughes
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I am new to CentOS.  Have been running it on a test machine for about 3 
weeks now.  And I already like it, so poured lot of love on the ranking 
site.  Look, Ma, CentOS is on top of the world.

Honestly, I had never heard of the name CentOS until March this year 
when I also learned about the little city Tuttle.... The fact that the 
person behind the project is so patient made me feel this is the distro 
to use.  Having used RedHat/Fedora for many years, I found myself quite 
comfortable on the first day I installed CentOS.

Glad I found you, CentOS.