[CentOS] Dump problem on USB drive

Fri Sep 1 17:54:16 UTC 2006
John Masters <jkmasters at gmail.com>


I am running CentOS 4.3 on a small home server just dishing up mail, music
etc. to the household. I had been doing irregular backups to a 160GB USB
external drive /dev/sda1 mounted as /mnt/backup using tar. Then I read
somewhere that dump was better so I tried that after clearing the drive
(formatted as ext3).

dump -0u -f /dev/sda1 /shared took a while to finish but gave no errors
however ls showed no files and df -h showed /dev/sda1 to be 4.4T in size and
100% full.

I've looked at the man pages but I must be missing something!

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