[CentOS] Driver for Symbios 8100S PCI SCSI?

Fri Sep 1 20:10:31 UTC 2006
Bart Schaefer <barton.schaefer at gmail.com>

I'm trying to install CentOS 3 on an OmniBook 800.  (Am I insane?)
The bootdisk.img gets things started just fine, but the closest driver
on the drvblock.img disk is for the Symbios 53C896, and the Omnibook
has a 53C810.  Manually choosing the Symbios driver seems to discover
scd0, but it's not able to load CentOS from the CD.  (I've tried both
the boot.iso from the os/i386/images directory, and Disk 1 from the
regular set of install ISOs.)

Any suggestions?  Am I just out of luck?  (The last Linux installed on
this thing was RedHat 5.2, but that was overwritten with Windows 98
long ago.)