[CentOS] How do we handle panics? Bug it here or RH or ignore it (been around *long* time apparently)?

Sat Sep 2 18:31:42 UTC 2006
William L. Maltby <CentOS4Bill at triad.rr.com>

"Unable to handle kernel paging request". I've saved the OOPS data from
the logs for 6 panics since the 4.4 update. Two before I turned on DRI
for my radeon (why not? Couldn't be any less "stable"). Did my google
work and became aware it is a long-standing unfixed problem (at least
through kernel 2.6.15? IIRC).

I've started reading what I can find on crash to see if I can get the
whole thing. Do we have a kernel with debug symbols and associated?

I don't know if I'll pursue this. Disabled swap and that seems to be
working. I'm fortunate I can do this. Others may not be so lucky. I'd
like to turn swap back on, but I'll probably have to disable all that
read-ahead stuff again and find the thread on the swappiness switch and
try and find the list of kernel parameters *again* (I know there in here

Enough griping for today. Do I bugzilla CentOS, RH or ignore it?