[CentOS] ipw2200 Stats MT in /proc/net/wireless

Sun Sep 3 17:14:56 UTC 2006
Ben Mohilef <benm at dsl-only.net>

In 5100 and 1100 series Inspirons Intel 2915abg cards work MUCH cooler
than the original Broadcoms, don't choke up in hot weather like the
original Dell cards and don't require ndiswrapper. (All of 2 Notebooks
were tested outdoors at 98 deg F ambient. Dropouts occured in both
Centos 4.4 & XP on these dual boot notebooks with the Dell Mini-PCI's,
none with 2915's).

The only problem is that there are no wireless stats showing up
in /proc/net/wireless (running wpa2, although that shouldn't make a
difference). The /proc/net/wireless file claims that the Extensions are
at Version 18 which should include the ipw_get_wireless_stats() call.

Dmesg tells me nothing of interest about this (admittedly noncritical)

What am I missing here? Is the appropriate version of ipw-firmware needed other
other than 2.4 or 3.0 ?

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