[CentOS] DAR - Disk ARchive packaged for CentOS?

Thu Sep 7 19:22:58 UTC 2006
J.J. Garcia <stigmatedbrain at gmail.com>

Hi folks,

I was searching for a backup tool simple and easy to use from command
line to backup on DVD certain disks, even the whole OS. 

I was using mondoarchive almost succesfully but recently found what i
think i was needing, it's called DAR (http://dar.linux.free.fr/) - i
think im not the first that uses it - anyway, after searching for it
already packaged for CentOS/RHEL/Fedora, i didn't find it. It's already
packaged for debian, madrake, openSuSe, etc.. but i think there's not a
pkg for RHEL systems.

If somebody knows where i can find it i would appreciate it, or even if
it's possible to include it in CentosPlus repo,