[CentOS] kbcached tuning on CentOS 4

Fri Sep 8 14:31:20 UTC 2006
Justin Randall <jrandall at comwave.net>



I've been searching to no end at how to tune at what interval (or size)
kbcached will be flushed.


I had been chasing a potential memory leak until "sar -r", had revealed
that all the "mysteriously used" memory was actually being taken up by
the kernel data cache.  It is chewing up all unused memory on the system
slowly over time, which is a concern.  Various sources have pointed me
towards making modification in the /proc/sys/vm file-system although
kernel documentation on the files within doesn't seem to really fit what
I'm trying to do.


Any way to set the kbcached buffer to be flushed either at a specified
time interval or once it hits a certain size would be a great help.


Thoughts anyone?




Justin Randall

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