[CentOS] mixed repos

Tue Sep 12 07:55:35 UTC 2006
"ΠΑΤΡΙΣ > Τμημα Internet" <web at patris.gr>

Does anybody knows a way to keep updated mixed repositories without 
mixing them  ?
For Example i have 3 repos in my desktop centos system , Centos repos 
handled by up2date
Dag repo handled by apt and Karan repo handled by yum.
I need packages from each repo but i don't want the secondary repos to 
mess my system so
i never update with these repos. is there a way each tool (up2date, yum, 
apt) to update only
the packages that came from that repo and not the whole system  ? 
for example to update dag packages i use apt-get install and the names 
of dag repos packages
in my system but it's kind of complicated to track all these packages 
one by one.

I believe that if this mater resolved and we can have multiple repos and 
more apps than centos
can compete even ubuntu.