[CentOS] network prob on Centos 4.4/HP DL320 G2

Wed Sep 13 23:40:57 UTC 2006
fredex <fredex at fcshome.stoneham.ma.us>


I've installed Centos 4.4 on a machine at work (it's a HP Proliant DL-320 G2
rackmout server that serves my desktop).

In recent days (Centos 4.4 has only been installed for a little over a
week), like, since Wed or Thu last week, every time I reboot Kudzu wants
to remove the network adaptors then reinstall them and breaks the network.

I've gone to the point of disabling one of the network ports in the BIOS
(since I only use one of them anyway), and at first it worked when I
rebooted, after doing the obligatory net configuration.

Then the next time I rebooted Kudzu again wanted to remove and reinstall
the network and it again didn't work after the reboot.

Today I had to reboot again (because X went nutso and I lost my mouse
pointer--I know, a reboot is overkill, don't remind me) and once again it
broke the network when it rebooted. The network config GUI applet could
not activate the net, it kept complaining that the MAC address of the
adapter was not the one it expected. I removed (as the previous time)
all the NETWORK items from /etc/sysconfig/hwconf and rebooted again,
after which it came up.

But I fully expect it to be broken yet again when I reboot next time.

This machine ran RHEL WS 2.1 for something like 3 years and never had
this kind of trouble, even with both ports enabled in the BIOS. I always
used the tg3 driver that came with Linux, not the driver that HP offers.

The only RPM I've installed that I got from HP is the one that installs
"hpasm", because that's the one that turns the fans from "screaming jet
engine" into "low roar". 

(this system contains a dozen or so small fans, all of which rotate at a
gazillion rpm, all not quite the same speed, so you get a dozen slightly
different pitches, causing heterodyning and the resultant throbbing
along with the screaming if you don't use the hpasm module.)

Suggestions please?
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