[CentOS] problems with yum and 4.3-->4.4

Sun Sep 17 13:10:11 UTC 2006
Larry Vaden <vaden at texoma.net>

Are the problems with yum in the Centos 4.3->>4.4 upgrade process due
to a forked or obsolete version of yum?

I briefly scanned <https://lists.dulug.duke.edu> and didn't see any
problems, but did see some incidents regarding yum hangs reported
about a year ago.

regarding the current upgrade, Seth Vidal in

You should be able to get all of these and more with:
 yum update

Let us know what breaks,

No replies added to the thread indicating the folks at Duke aren't
having problems with the update to Centos 4.4 whereas folks on the
Centos list have reported quite a few problems.

Kind regards,

Larry Vaden
Internet Texoma, Inc.