[CentOS] sendmail security

Wed Sep 20 09:02:58 UTC 2006
abhishek singh <abhishek.rhce at yahoo.co.in>

i am using sendmail mail server, i have configured
SASL+TLS+MailScanner+Spamassasin+.Procmail and its
working fine, but there is one problem when i am doing
telnet to my server on 25 port and using "mail from "
command to send mail by any user like abc at gmail.com or
any user @mydomain then sendmail is not able to verify
sending user , so plz help me how can i verify the
real sender means i want only my domain real user can
sendmails .and when i am using mail clients then its
working fine . prolem is occuring when , when i am
doing telnet directly to smtp port to my server

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