[CentOS] Dell OpenManage installation on CentOS4

Thu Sep 21 13:46:21 UTC 2006
James Pearson <james-p at moving-picture.com>

I have a Dell 1950 box on evaluation with 2 SATA drives connected to the 
on board Dell PERC 5/i with the disks set up as a mirror

I've installed CentOS4.4 (x86_64) on the system and now I'm trying to 
install/configure/use the Dell OpenManage tools that came on a CD with 
the system.

I've installed the tools using the provided install script and they 
appeared to install OK.

I'm primarily interested in the tools to monitor the RAID controller - 
but if I type:

omreport storage controller -fmt lst

I get:

No controllers found

Also, if I use the Web interface, I only get 'Diagnostic' menus - 
nothing about configuring/monitoring the storage.

As I've never used OpenManage before, I'm not sure what to expect from 
it ...

Does anyone know if I have to do anything special to get these 
OpenManage tools to work with CentOS4?


James Pearson