[CentOS] Help with dhclient.conf & vendor options

Fri Sep 22 10:55:51 UTC 2006
Plant, Dean <dean.plant at roke.co.uk>

I have a test CentOS 4.4 workstation that I am trying to configure to
use vendor options from a W2003 DHCP server.

A vendor class with the custom options has been created on the windoze
box and I seem to be receiving the info in the
vendor-encapsulated-options shown in the lease file. What I don't know
is how to decode these options so that the CentOS client uses them. I
have searched the web and read the man pages and come up with a
configuration for the /etc/dhclient.conf but as yet I am unable to get
the extra options to work and to be honest I don't fully understand how
the dhclient.conf should be written. 

Can anyone shed some light on what I am doing wrong or missing.


lease {
  interface "eth0";
  option subnet-mask;
  option dhcp-lease-time 691200;
  option dhcp-message-type 5;
  option dhcp-server-identifier;
  option dhcp-renewal-time 345600;
  option dhcp-rebinding-time 604800;
  option vendor-encapsulated-options
  renew 1 2006/9/25 12:41:13;
  rebind 5 2006/9/29 10:32:59;
  expire 6 2006/9/30 10:32:59;


send host-name "test";
send vendor-class-identifier "CentOS";
vendor option space "CentOS";
request CentOS.nis-domain;
request CentOS.nis-servers;
request CentOS.ntp-servers;
request CentOS.domain-search-list;