[CentOS] Tyan K8HM and lm_sensors

Fri Sep 22 15:55:46 UTC 2006
Bowie Bailey <Bowie_Bailey at BUC.com>

I have a Tyan Thunder K8HM (S3892) motherboard and I am trying to get
lm_sensors to work with it.  The problem is that I am getting
conflicting information.  The source for lm_sensors says not to
compile the modules for the 2.6 kernel.  The information from Tyan
says that I need to compile the modules if my kernel is less than

Has anyone here configured lm_sensors for this motherboard?  Any
suggestions on whether it is safe to install the lm_sensors i2c-piix4
module in the 2.6.9 kernel?

lm_sensors 2.10.0