[CentOS] Also Postfix-Problem

Fri Sep 1 07:50:45 UTC 2006
Andy Green <andy at warmcat.com>

Timothy Kesten wrote:
> Am Freitag 01 September 2006 09:38 schrieb Andy Green:
>> Is the DNS error actually coming from the next hop for the mail?
> Sorry - my knowledge (as my english too) isn't so great. What do you mean?
> I send a mail from outside my network - poll it with fetchmail - use postfix, 
> amavis, clamd, spamd until it (should) lay down in my lokal mailbox where I 
> look at this mail with KMail.

No your English is fine, I was not so clear.  Normally is Postfix is 
trying to do a DNS lookup on an incoming mail and it is not happy, 
instead of accepting the mail and bouncing it, as we see here, it will 
instead NOQUEUE it right there while still talking to the incoming MTA.

That it accepted it and then explicitly bounced it makes it sound like 
the problem is coming from downstream of Postfix itself in one of your 
other steps.

I would think about selinux getting in the way of these other apps, if 
selinux is enabled.  Is there anything in /var/log/messages from 

Also maybe try to temporarily defeat the other steps so you only use 
Postfix and see if that makes a difference.

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