[CentOS] Helping CentOS automatically

Fri Sep 1 13:20:03 UTC 2006
nightrid3r <03taxi at gmail.com>

rado schreef:
> ...If you like the majority of us as I am...there is something we can do
> for the centos scene that really doesn't cost anything.
> When you download the distro...just let bittorrent seed indefinitely.
> By doing this you are contributing to centos as a whole.
> ...go figure...I'm actually giving the centos cause 17-18 KB/s and the
> beauty...I don't even miss it!
> My boxes run 24/7 anyway so why not!!!
> John Rose
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sound slike a good idea


isp's in belgium and i think most european country's limit dsl trafic to
10 GB downstream and 1.5 GB upstream so keeping torrents seeded 24/7 is
not an option for us.


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