[CentOS] Re: Kind of OT: internal imap server

Fri Sep 1 14:48:12 UTC 2006
Feizhou <feizhou at graffiti.net>

>> Hence why I have spamassassin used to filter after the mail is queued. 
>> Do you make mimedefang run spamassassin on all your mails before queueing?
> Inbound only, and after the other faster checks (virus, etc.) that
> might cause rejection are done.  The advantage of scanning during
> the SMTP conversation is that you can still reject with a
> message that would find its way back to a legitimate sender
> without having to construct the bounce yourself. 
I don't bounce the mail. I just tag the mail as a possible spam. 
Different ways of handling this :)
>> Okay, I get it. lotsa sendmail processes < (one socket per sendmail 
>> process) > single milter process < ? > perl processes
> Actually you can have multiple milter processes if you want, but
> MimeDefang handles about everything.  Also, sendmail has separate
> conversations with the milter(s) for each operation which
> MimeDefang might hand off to different slaves.  The side effect
> is that you don't block on some other long-running process unless
> you are out of slaves but you also can't count on globals that
> you set in one step (checking the sender or recipients) to be
> available in later steps - but MimeDefang passes most of the
> information you need each time and has dropped a complete
> copy of the message broken out into its MIME components in
> files where the programs can find them (hence the name and
> the advantage of running multiple scanners under its control).
So you are saying that mimedefang is not reliable if not provided enough 
resources. What happens to the mail then? temporary reject or let through?