[CentOS] OT: How to make files placed into FTP directory availablevia http

Fri Sep 1 19:15:16 UTC 2006
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-> Les Mikesell wrote: to Ed's original also

-> > On Fri, 2006-09-01 at 10:36 -0700, Ed Morrison wrote:
-> >
-> >> I'm hoping someone out there can tell me or direct me on where to find
-> >> this info on how to make files placed into an ftp directory available
-> >> via an url link in an email.  I will have a staff member upload the
-> >> files to a directory on my ftp server (which is also the web server)
-> and
-> >> the files would have to be automatically linked to a web directory,
-> >> unless the files can be read directly from the ftp server.  This needs
-> >> to have no interaction from me and should be automagic.....
-> >>
-> >> Any and all would be greatly appreciated.
-> >>
-> >
-> > No need to link anything - just make the home directory for the
-> > user doing the ftp operation the same place that httpd expects
-> > to find the files and permissioned accordingly.  The user can
-> > view the web server's directory link after the upload and mail
-> > that page or cut/paste the URL into the email.
-> >
-> >

Then Ed replied...

-> Hi Les:
-> Thanks, that did the trick.  I appreciate the quick response.
-> Ed


Can you tell us specifically what you did? 

I am a tad confused or lost here... and this is an interesting Centos app of
course.  :-)

I think the default setting for httpd is not to display the contents of a
directory especially if there is no index file.

 - rh

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