[CentOS] Kernel-2.6.9-42.0.2EL fails to boot after upgrade toCentOS 4.4

Sat Sep 2 16:57:05 UTC 2006
Gerald Waugh <gwaugh at frontstreetnetworks.com>

> You should get a screen that has a kernel name and is blue, 
> at that screen, you should be able to press any key and then 
> select a kernel before the kernel actually starts booting.
> Does that work?

The screen comes up, and both the 34 and 42 kernels are displayed, but
only for an instant.
Is there a way to make this screen delay longer?
> The other issue sounds like maybe you have a custom built 
> kernel driver that you need to build for your new kernel 
> before you boot (maybe a SCSI/RAID driver)?

No, using the standard kernel that was in 4.3, and it works.