[CentOS] Backspace key is sending Delete after update to 4.4 (tcsh issue?)

Sun Sep 3 00:11:18 UTC 2006
John Summerfield <debian at herakles.homelinux.org>

Rodrigo Barbosa wrote:
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> Sorry for the top posting, but this is one of the cases there
> I think it applies.
> I also noticed this change. I use bash, so this is not exclusive to
> tcsh.
> I had to add "stty erase ^?" on my .profile to solve this one.
> On the other hand, this MIGHT be the correct behaviour. When
> using the console on older version, we would already have ^?.
> When on xterm, we would get ^H. At least now the behaviour is
> consistent.

The correct behaviour for the backspace key is to send the BS character, 
0x08 aka ^H.

^? I suspect is the DEL character, 0x7f, which is unprintable (or prints 
as a space). I would expect the Delete key to produce a DEL character.



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