[CentOS] Access email and addressbook from everywhere

Sun Sep 3 11:53:49 UTC 2006
Josep M. <mylinuxmaillists-2006 at yahoo.es>

I used squirrelmail, and address book is much less good than evolution,
so maybe I will look for anything for control my desktop via web, using
https if is possible.

Evolution have a great mail, contacts, calendar and tasks, and
squirrelmail much more short, and can't read evolution data.

On Mon, 2006-09-04 at 08:33 +0800, John Summerfied wrote:
> Josep M. wrote:
> > Hello.
> > 
> > I using evolution for email, and runs well, now the next that I would
> > like is access to my email and evolution addressbook from everywhere.
> > 
> > What should I install? there is any webmail that can use evolution
> > settings? Or better a program for control that computer that I can
> > access from any computer with a web browser? There is anything as this?
> Systems I administer have an IMAP server, so people (especially me) can 
> read their email through a variety of IMAP-capable email clients on a 
> variety of different computers, potentially in numerous locations all 
> over the place. That includes full access to all folders, and it works 
> with thunderbird, mozilla mail, seamonkey mail, evolution, entourage 
> (Mac), mail (Mac), Internet Lookout, kmail, mutt and pine that I know of.
> If this is not enough and you want web access, install squirrelmail on 
> your server.

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