[CentOS] Is it better to rebuild or update my notebook for 4.4

Mon Sep 4 05:34:27 UTC 2006
John Summerfield <debian at herakles.homelinux.org>

Robert Moskowitz wrote:
> Wow!
> With all the conversations here, and some things on my system, I am 
> seriously thinking of taking another drive, install 4.4 on it, and then 
> move my /home partition (I planned for such eventualities by putting 
> /home on its own partition).

Why the rush to upgrade?

I've just installed 4.3, you can safely bet I'm not going to reinstall. 
I will deal with the problems that matter to me, ignore the rest. 
However many problems there have been with 4.4, probably most of them 
don't bite a large proportion of users.

> Couple of questions:
> I did my current build with a ks.cfg on a floppy.
>    Can I use the same information for 4.4 as I did for 4.3?  That is 
> none of the packages are version specific it seems.

Yes. Likely with 5 too (with minor revision to the packages).
>    How can I figure out what I have added and add that to my ks.cfg?

rpm -qa --last.

>       yum listgroup and yum list and compare to the content of ks.cfg?
>    Is jre supplied by sun in this release?  I really have a mess with 
> Firebird.  It is not recognizing the java plugin.

is it in RHEL? I wouldn't think so. Maybe in an additional repo.
> I am going to go over my install notes again....

The hardest thing is config changes. rpm -Va can help, but it's not perfect.

If you have/want to have a new drive, clone the system and upgrade the 
clone. If it breaks, you get a chance to try plan b.

btw Assuming USB2 (or the willingness to run it overnight), Knoppix on 
CD is a top way to clone disks. You need a USB2 enclosure; plug it in 
and play away with dd (good if the target's larger and you only want to 
resize the last partition, parted which can do magic stuff and/or ntfs 
utils, ace if you have NTFS partitions.



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