[CentOS] Access email and addressbook from everywhere

Mon Sep 4 14:02:05 UTC 2006
David Ellsmore <dellsmore at vodafone.ie>

John Summerfield wrote:
> Josep M. wrote:
>> Yes, You are right with ssh, for when i´m in work may be ok, but 
>> under windows machines, establish ssh sessions with putty may be ok, 
>> but what can I use for control the desktop remotely in a windows 
>> machine?
> A VNC client?
> Internet Exploder?
> Your choice. Read manuals to inform yourself.
Have you thought of trying Cygwin? It's free and allows and X desktop on
a Windows box.

Personally, I use X-Win32 from Starnet - it's good, but it's not free,
and there's SSH support in there. There's many other X clients that you
can try as well - try google for "X on windows". Just remember that you
need to enable the display manager (xdm or gdm) to accept remote X sessions.