[CentOS] How to get 4.3 updates without 4.4 upgrade

Mon Sep 4 17:48:19 UTC 2006
chrism at imntv.com <chrism at imntv.com>

Robert Moskowitz wrote:
> Some way to change piecemeal to increase the likelyhood of a working 
> system.  If this system gets hosed for partial updates, I am hosed....

I'm in pretty much the same boat.  However, I will say that being 
forearmed with the nature of the problems, I've been able to upgrade 
machines without any problems.  That said, I have chosen not to update a 
few key machines that are in unmanned locations until such time as I can 
get a warm (Hell, I'll settle for cold) body out there just in case 
there are problems.

Are people running RHEL being plagued by these same problems?

This is the first hint of trouble since I started using CentOS back in