[CentOS] Re: problems copying distro files

Tue Sep 5 16:31:47 UTC 2006
John Summerfield <debian at herakles.homelinux.org>

Robert Moskowitz wrote:

> Oh, a number of years back at the IETF, there was a workgroup headed by 
> Richard Stevens ("TCP/IP Illustrated"). He had a fantastic list of all 
> of the sins in so many implementations, and wanted them published as an 
> RFC.
> Cooler heads in the IESG prevailed (fear of lawsuits), and each vendor 
> was dragged over the coals on the mailing list and the workgroup meetings.
> Richard had an untimely death, and is missed. His legacy is good 
> implementations of TCP/IP and others that watch for back-sliding.
> Oh, and that is why my comment on Win98 ;)

Someone published an RFC dealing with a bakeoff. The idea was to cook 
someone else's implemtation while keeping your own safe. It's worth 
digging out for a read & chuckle.

Even W98 should be okay, but I'd not bet on Internet Exploder.



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