[CentOS] Re: Server closing all the ports after inactivity Could not connect to webserver

Wed Sep 6 04:05:26 UTC 2006
Ugo Bellavance <ugob at camo-route.com>

Anil wrote:
> Hi All
> I am running Centos -4.4 final with all the updates 
> My webserver stop responding after about half an hour od inactivity.I just 
> gets a timeout message. When I try to refresh the page 3-4 times it start 
> active again.
> Infact all the ports on the server are closed  during the inactive period even 
> though I have ssh,ftp and http enabled on it. When the server is responding I 
> can see (with a port scan)the ports are open.
> I tried disabling the firewall(on the centos server) altogether because the 
> server sits behind another firewall.
> If I do a restart of the httpd or do any other network related stuff on the 
> server it opens the ports again.
> Any help is appreciated
> Regards
> Anil

Looks like a network connexion problem... router, firewall, NIC...