[CentOS] centos minimal install???

Wed Sep 6 11:39:42 UTC 2006
David Hrbáč <hrbac.conf at seznam.cz>

> Hmmm....  You know, you could also list packages you want to exclude in
> %packages section by prepending them with dash.  Something like
> %packages --nobase
> -apmd
> -atk
> -bluez
> ... etc ...
> The only downside is, if package is required by something else that gets
> installed, it will be reincluded (while yum method will also remove the
> dependency).

That's why I prefer to use yum. Removes packages with dependencies. :o)
But I can change our ks's to include:

%packages --nobase


yum remove ...

Maybe we can shorten install time. :o)