[CentOS] OT - backup question/advice

Wed Sep 6 05:46:42 UTC 2006
John Summerfied <debian at herakles.homelinux.org>

Mark Weaver wrote:

> no problem. personally I've always wondered why the proc file system 
> exists at all as part of the file system. ya can't do anything with it; 
> it's more of a tease than anything else. When I first started with Linux 
> years ago I wasn't aware of it's "specialness" and looked like the 
> monkey with his fist in a jar trying to do things with those "files" in 
> there. ;P

In Unix (and hence Linux), everything's a file. A network connexion's a 
file, a pipe's a file, a disk's a file, a serial port's a file .... 
Mostly, you can use the same "file" operations on any of them.

I gather that on some systems, everything's virtual memory.



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