[CentOS] OT - backup question/advice

Wed Sep 6 05:50:01 UTC 2006
John Summerfied <debian at herakles.homelinux.org>

John Newbigin wrote:
> You don't even want to try and back up the proc fs.  Have a look at the 
> size of /proc/kcore.
> If there is an option to not cross filesystems then turn that on (like 
> tar -l or find -xdev).
> Failing that, use mount to find everywhere that proc and sysfs is 
> mounted and exclude them manually.

and usbfs and (probably) more, now or in the future.

Better, explicitly backup the filesystems you want.

mondo uses afio internally afio is like cpio with some improvements such 
as compressing files _before_ adding them to the archive (a bad block on 
a tape doesn't automatically destroy everything following), and 
measuring archive size _after_ compression (compare that with tar * cpio).



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