[CentOS] Newest CentOS Developer - Ralph Angenendt

Thu Sep 7 08:14:37 UTC 2006
rado <rado at rivers-bend.com>

On Thu, 2006-09-07 at 09:15 +0200, David Hrbáč wrote:
> Johnny Hughes napsal(a):
> > The CentOS team is pleased to announce our newest team member, Ralph
> > Angenendt (range on IRC).
> > 
> > Ralph will start out co-ordinating articles on the CentOS Wiki and
> > manage the new centos-docs mailing list (which will be used to submit
> > articles and write request access to the CentOS Wiki).
> > 
> > Hope you don't like sleeping Ralph :)
> > 
> > Actually, thanks to Ralph for volunteering.
> > 
> Good to see official announcement through the list. I guess there's a
> lot of people not using IRC.
> Congrats to Ralph,
> David

you prolly right david...but I monitor centos all the time...
range is good dude..for sure and should be part the team!
don't wanna swell em him cuz then he won't do anything lol

but also..I gotta tell ya...I monitor 2 or 3 sometimes maybe few diff
ones..depends what I got goin on but the centos irc????? 

what a bunch of jerks!!! no no that ain't true at all...

centos irc is a real class act! ...ain't none of that power stugging
goin that you see in some of the other big time ircs...you don't see a
bunch of sqabbling etc...they take care of business at hand ... they
really good... I just like to rub shoulders w/em...make me a little not
so dumb in diff ways...

these guys are quick and believe me...centos is in good hands.

it's just way it is...now you wanna be asshole...it's usually short and
sweet cuz they don't put up w/any bs... really well run...

john rose
If ya think you smart,you pretty friggin ignorant. If you think you
smart enuf...then you tellin a story, you ready for that challenge!