Fwd: [CentOS] Sudo(ers) distrobution system/script

Thu Sep 7 08:21:06 UTC 2006
Philip Reynolds <philip.reynolds at gmail.com>

On 9/7/06, Nick <list at everywhereinternet.com> wrote:
> Just wondering if anyone out there is using sudo across a bunch of
> machines and has a system/script for painlessly distributing a master
> sudoers file? is it as easy as a daily cronjob running wget/scp/rsync?

I do, but I use the group access directive '%' to give access to
people in the 'wheel' group.

I have scripts which manage users across a bunch of machines which
allow me to create a user and have his account and SSH key distributed
to 10-15 machines without much work.

Something like cfengine (cfengine.org) might be overkill here. I can't
see anything wrong with a daily / hourly rsync of the sudoers file.
The only thing I'd say is why do you need to make configuration
changes so often? Can you not group these users into a group (or
multiple groups?)